Monday, May 16, 2011

Tigers Outfield: Rookie Style

Since I'm a rookie collector and a Tigers fan, I thought I'd combine the two to put together this year's active roster, rookie card style.
Austin Jackson: CF
He's finally heating up, and the rest of the Tigers seem to be following. As Johnny says, "I'm going to Jackson. I'm going to mess around." I don't know why that isn't his song when he comes to bat.
Brennan Boesch: RF
Boesch is back in good form this year, and nicely integrated into the number three spot.
Rabid Ryan Raburn: LF
Raburn worked hard for us last year when everyone else was injured. This year, he's made some good catches, save for that one when he threw a fly ball over the fence to assist the opposition with a home run. His bat's a little cold right now, but he'll heat up with the rest of them.
Casper "Needs-No-Nickname-Because-His-Name-Is-Already-Cool" Wells: OF
Solid defense and a promising bat. I wish he'd see more playtime, but I can't complain when we're on fire right now.

Magglio Ordonez: OF
Oh, but Maggs is on the DL...again. I forget what a good player he can be because of his health. Damn, Gene Lamont sent him running home last year and he slid right into broken bones. I was at that game, and got to see Carlos Guillen and Maggs go out. It was a terrible call on Gene's part, and I've noticed a few Tigers ignoring his calls.

Uh-oh. I'm already missing two rookie cards for this post: Andy Dirks just got called up, and I don't know why the heck I don't have a Don Kelly card. If you have rookies of these two, let me know, so I can finish up this deficient post. Anyway, those are the last two active outfielders: Dirks and Kelly.

I'll do the infield, rookie style, soon.

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