Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trade Fodder

Time for some random trade bait. If you see anything here you want, just shoot me an email. Don't forget to check out my trade bait page, for posts of trade bait past. Here are some cards that need happy homes.

Vernon Wells: 2004 Bowman Heritage Jersey

Chaw-Chewing, Game-Saving Billy Wagner: 2008 Topps Update All-Star Stitches
Brian Cole: 2001 SP Top Prospects Chirography. Passed away in 2001. Sad story. I just found out he was a Mets prospect. BA Benny, if you want this card, let me know. He just sent me a ridiculously lopsided trade.
Gary Sheffield: 2002 UD Authentic Stars of 89 Jersey.
Bruce Sutter: 2009 UD Legendary Icons Jersey.

Jeff Keppinger: 2008 UD Timeline SP Top Prospects Auto.


  1. If BA Benny doesn't claim the Brian Cole I'd be interested.

  2. I will let Mr. A2 Wolverine have first crack at the Cole since he expressed interest.