Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Dinged-Up Card Show and Gypsy Cabrera

I went to a card show recently in Lansing, Michigan, and it was a sad scene--missing vendors, tables with no baseball cards, some guy trying to sell a table full of late '90s commons for $275. Worst of all, no dime boxes, nary a one. I did scrounge up a few nice cards.

Now I too have some Gypsy Queen to show off. I haven't bought any packs and probably won't. I feel like I got the highlights from the rest of the other blogs already. And I was able to snag up a hit I wanted for less than a pack of these would have cost. I dig the frame-style relics, and this one looks good. But the plastic around the jersey overlaps the fabric a bit, and there's a tiny gap between the card and the frame at the top. Good design, but the assembly may be a little shaky. Still, it's a nice-looking Cabrera relic for three bucks.
For two bucks, I nabbed this Pudge jersey. I'm always happy to find one of these. What I really need is a Pudge auto. Let me know you have one of these for trade. The top of this card is dinged, which parallels the sad state of this card show. Oh well. There will be better days and more dime boxes.

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  1. you need to go to the show in Taylor. Let me know next time you're in the Ann Arbor area!