Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don Kelly for AL Cy Young

The Tigers have been getting rocked by the Mets. What a terrible time to meet the Mets, when the bats are swinging and everyone's on fire. They scored a blurbillion runs against us in two games. It's just painful to watch them beating up on our pitchers. Well, not all of our pitchers.

This guy put a stop to those Mets:

Last night, Don Kelly exceeded his role as utility everything and emergency catcher by pitching. He lit up the radar at 86, I think, at one point. Not too bad, Donnie boy. He only faced one batter, and ended up popping him out to end the inning. The crowd went wild, heckling the ump for calling any balls on him. At least there was something to cheer about.

And I'd like to thank Donnie for paving the way for the win for Verlander today, ending the Mets hot streak.

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