Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's on TV? Vintage Bowman!

I've been a fan of Bowman Heritage for a while, have been working on finishing up the '07 set. Since Topps ended Bowman Heritage I've had to find something better. And isn't vintage always better.

I picked up this pair from the woodgrain set off the ol' ebay for about a buck a piece shipped. 

Here's the first one:

Ned played fourteen seasons in the majors, five and a half of those with the Tigers. Sure, he's no hall-of-famer, but he had a very respectable 129 career wins and an All-Star game. Ned's action pose marks the classic vintage Bowman style, and of course he's a Tiger, so that makes this card a must-have.

The only bad thing is that we got Ned by trading for this dude:

Ned didn't pan out so great, but Vic came back for a double dip in 1961.

Vic wasn't the other card I got in this round; just a good excuse to show a great card again. Here's the second card I picked up in this deal:

Toby Atwell had a hell of a rookie year in 1952 and got an invite to the All-Star game, but he never lived up to that first year and retired after five seasons. So why did I pick up this card? I always like a good catcher card, especially one that features the full gear. Here, Toby's even reenacting an infield pop up. You gotta love the dramatics of these TV cards. It's something like taxidermy in the best way possible: obviously posed action, long-finished career-spans, all featured within a rustic wooden frame.

So the cards are in rough condition and certainly no hall-of-famers, but interesting and awesome nonetheless. It makes me miss Bowman Heritage a little less.

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