Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trade Post: BA Benny's Buffet of Pants

BA Benny recently contacted me after reading one of my trade bait posts. After some emails and a little banter about the best catcher of all-time (which is most certainly Ivan Rodriguez and not Mike Piazza), we got a trade going. What started out as a trade for a chunk of Shawn Green's bat for a scrap of Bonderman's pants turned into one of my best trades ever.

I'll start off with the Bonderman that initiated the trade:

I was happy to get this card, but the BA Benny Buffet had apparently had a smorgasbord of Bonderman pants.

Both great looking cards of a former Tigers pitcher. Bonderman lagged the last few years as a starter, so Leyland let him go and moved Coke over from relief, threw some Penny's at Mr. Penny, and now what's Bonderman doing? It looks like he's taking the year off. Apparently, he's been watching Tigers games longingly. It looks like he won't return to the Tigers, but I can't believe a team won't pick him up soon.

Back to the trade. As if two Bondermans weren't enough, I found this in the trade package:

A Tony the Tiger Clark on-card auto. Now this is a fantastic looking card. I love how the card leaves a massive amount of room for a signature, yet Tony relegates his inkredible ink to a tiny little corner. And I'm not sure what the background picture of the play at the plate has to do with Tony, since I think he mostly played first, but, hey, where doesn't a play at the plate look cool?

Perhaps the best card of the trade:

A Pudge jersey to boot. I'm always thrilled to pick up another one of these for the I-Rod player collection. Quite the gray theme going on with this card. I wish I had some Piazza pants to send BA Benny's way. I'll be looking.

BA Benny also did some work one my rookie collection:

I always liked Delgado, who I just realized was only 27 home runs shy of 500. And this is one of the less embarrassing looking pictures of a rookie from this set. Delgado opted for the uniform rather than the Hawaiian shirt or pleated khakis.

Here's a bit more of what Benny sent:

A bunch more Pudge cards for the player collection. He also sent some much-needed cards for the 2007 Bowman Heritage set list and much more, but I better stop here so I don't get carried away like in my Trade-o-rama post that was painful for readers and writer alike.

Thanks for the great trade, BA Benny. 

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  1. The best catcher of all time is Johnny Bench. Just sayin'