Saturday, June 25, 2011

Since Kirk Gibson is back by to visit Detroit, I thought the Vealtones should welcome him. I'm not happy about his Diamond Backs beating us last night, but at least it was a close game and some good damn baseball.

He's assembled quite the coaching staff, full of all-stars and award winners. Best of all, he kept Trammell with him. In fact his coaching staff would still make a good baseball team: Charles Nagy, Don Baylor, Eric Young, Matt Williams. You look at that roster and can imagine why Arizona is doing so well.

In honor of the Gibby, here's a few scraps of his jersey:

2 out of 4 scraps ain't bad. I picked this up at a card show for 2 bucks, and I couldn't be happier. These Legendary Cuts cards look great. Often, these relic cards make the player picture tiny, but the Gibson picture is just right here. A young Gibson, before the mullet and mustache, looking legendarily full of promise. Here's to a good season, Gibby. Now let us win tonight, and maybe we'll see you again in October.

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