Monday, June 27, 2011

A Pair of Autos

I'm always looking for cheap autos at a card show. They make for good trade fodder, and who doesn't like an auto? I picked up a few a while back from one of my favorite dealer's blowout box. Here's the first one:

It seems like Gorkys was a big deal a few years ago. I think he's with the Indians now, still hammering away in AAA. But he was a Tiger first, so that was reason enough to pick up the card. Plus, these 2007 Triststar autos just look great, a card with a thick white matte, just begging for a signature. Gorkys is still a young fella, at 23, and he's still pulling a respectable batting average. He'll likely get his cup of coffee yet.

I found another one of these Tristar autos in the blowout box:

Well, here's a fella that's actually made it to the majors, a rookie of the year, at that. Chris has a lovely loopy signature. It seems only the loops matter, and I read here: Chi Gill. Chi Gill is also the name of a special kind of fish that gathers life force through his gills while holding the Mantis Pose. This Chi Gill might not be gathering enough Jedi power for an amazing offensive year with the Marlins, but he does have 20 doubles. And especially of note is his 1.000 fielding percentage. I don't follow the Marlins much, but Chris often seems to show up on the highlight reel. I won't say he's the best center fielder out there, because, you know, Austin Jackson and all. But he's OK, I guess.

I dig both of these cards, but if you dig them more and have something I might like, make me an offer.

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