Monday, August 27, 2012

Bob Bonner's eBay Store, or El Cheapo Ripken Rookie

A while back, I was trolling eBay, searching for deals, when I came upon a listing for a 1982 Topps card, number 21. The dealer listed this information and some random names of guys I didn't recognize: Bonner and Schneider. I don't even know why I clicked. But probably a lot of you already know what card is being described.

Ripken must have been listed somewhere in the posting, but it wasn't obvious that his was his rookie card, one I'd been trying to find a good deal on for a long time. And a deal I got. I bid 5 bucks and I got the card shipped for less than that. Now, of course the seller must have known this was a sweet card, or he wouldn't have put it in a screwdown, which was a nice bonus. My theory is that the seller had me in mind and knew I wanted this card and am a poor teacher. That or Bob Bonner himself was the seller and was sick of Ripken getting all the recognition for his rookie card.
This deal just goes to show how obsessive eBaying can pay off. Or maybe this shows that I'm wasting far too much time. But I don't know if a better deal than this can be found for a 1982 Topps Ripken.


  1. Nice. I've had some success in the past searching by card number rather than player name as well.

  2. Nice I got that card back in 2010 from Ebay for $10.25 plus almost $2 shipping. Long story short the seller I got if from went cheap on the shipping and sent via PWE UGH. Full story can be found on my blog