Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busting Some Birthday Packs

So, my birthday was over a month ago, and according to my sloth-like schedule, that means it's about time to post my loot. I took a bit of my birthday cash and went to the LCS in my hometown while I was visiting. They have a box of discounted packs from the early to mid 2000s. I usually just pick what looks interesting, and this time I decided to delve into Play Ball, which I'd never opened before.

Here was my first pack. Nothing too great, a numbered Nomar. I usually love art sets, but something about this design just seems kind of lazy. Maybe I just hate headshots. Dmitri's afro does look pretty cool in all of the anachronism of an afro mixed with a vintage design.

I was left with the same meh feeling as the first pack here, but, oh, what's this? A hit!

And a pretty nice one at that. I always liked Thome, and I love finding a stripe on my swatch-o-jersey. I like the GU design a bit more, but "Artist's Touch" seems like a bit of a stretch. Grainy paint filter, cheesy painter's palette, and what looks like grass drawn by my six-year-old niece on PC Paint does not a work of art make. Despite my griping, this is a pretty cool card.

I also picked up the last three packs of 2006 UD Update the LCS had, half-hoping I'd score a Pedroia rookie. I didn't, but I did land a nice Prince short print. In the first two rows, you get to see what this set is mostly made up of: managers and rookies no one's heard of. A fun set to rip if you don't mind mysterious rookie flops and old dudes sporting jerseys and guts.

Last up, here's what I got in a pack of 2004 Fleer Platinum. And what's that at the bottom? Could it be yet another hit? Let's take a closer look:

These Scouting Report cards are booklets that open up to reveal the arbitrary game-used scrap-o-whatever. It's actually a pretty neat design, and nice to see a set doing something different in a time when GUs were already getting bland. The only problem is this card features Rocco Baldelli, who no one seems to collect. Any Rays fans out there interested in this card?

Actually, everything on this post is for trade, except for the Prince Fielder short print. So let me know if there's anything you need.


  1. It's always fun to rip some older stuff you missed the first time around, especialy when you score a couple of hits. I can use the A-Rod, Vasquez, and Reyes.

  2. I can work something out for the Rocco, any certain team or player you are looking for right now?