Friday, January 11, 2013

Biggio Got Screwed, but Don't Deny Pudge

I'm still kind of reeling by Biggio and Piazza not being first-ballot Hall-of-Famers. It all makes me get a little worried about what other great players might get snubbed. 

But then I think about this guy.

If any one's getting in first-ballot, it's gotta be Pudge Rodriguez, right? One of the best catchers of all time, and most certainly the best of my generation. But after this year's voting, a tinge of doubt creeps in. What a travesty it would be if Ivan didn't get in immediately. He will though, right? The voters will be done punishing steroid suspicions by then, right?

To celebrate my confidence, I'm posting a few of my recent Pudge acquisitions from eBay. Above is one of my favorites. I love the design of that card, the double swatches, the full-gear picture, all the shiny symmetry. 

As opposed to this terribly designed card. Could it be more boring, white swatch with white background and Pudge running rather than hitting or behind the mask? This is where an attempt at classy turned into a yawn.

Here's a much more interesting design. I dig the ticket theme Authentix pulled off on these GU cards, right down to the perforated and torn end that makes the card surprisingly shorter. Sure, the picture is poorly chosen, but the rest of this card is great.

One blue swatch deserves another. And here we have a completely ridiculous design with 2003 Ultra's Moonshots insert set. This card was just so stupid, I had to add it to the player collection. Stupid beats the hell out of SP boring.

Let's end on a high note. Diamond Kings just knew how to do a classy yet interesting design, and I love their double bat/jersey GU materials. Great art, nice frame, foil insignia, Pudge is getting the royal treatment he deserves on this card.

My rule when shopping for GUs on eBay is to try to stay under $2 shipped, and each of these cards were. Let's hope those bargains don't influence the Hall of Fame voters to pull a Biggio on Pudge.


  1. The only way they could make Moonshots cool would be to add moon rocks.

    Love that Pudge.

  2. He won't. And it's going to be a black day for baseball.

    He hit for power during the 90s and was Rafael Palmeiro's teammate. There is no way Pudge, one of my top three favourite players, ever, will get in on ballot one.

    It's a joke, and it's not funny.