Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Acquiring Iconic Rookies: The Voters Wrong Biggio

No one got into the hall of fame today, and I kind of can't believe it.  My childhood enjoyed a bevy of amazing catchers, including, of course, Mr. I-Rod, Piazza, and Biggio. And, OK, Biggio wasn't a catcher for all that long, but that's how I'll always remember him, at the beginning of the '90s. I'm a big fan of Biggio, and he's in the 3000-hit club Come on! That should be an automatic in. He had a hell of a career, and no association with steroids, as far as I knew. He deserved that first ballot.

I'd been searching for an '88 Biggio rookie for a long time, and found this one on eBay for less than a buck. And that's about the respect Biggio got from the voters. I frequently find '89 Biggio rookies in the dime boxes, and today we witnessed the hall of fame voters tossing Biggio into the so-so. 

Really, I realize he'll get in, probably in the next year or two, but I was so sure he'd get in this year. A tiny bit of my childhood feels violated by the voting today, though. Biggio deserved it.

Biggio getting snubbed doesn't make this rookie any less iconic, though. Everyone's collection needs an '88 Biggio XRC.


  1. Completely agree! Biggio was a heck of a player.

    Thanks for the CC! I just got back from break and found it in the mailbox!

  2. And he would have gotten in except for writers sending in empty ballots. They didn't penalize Bonds or Clemens, they penalized Biggio, who deserves to go in.