Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big Ol' Trade Post--A Napkin and some Rhubarb at the Clubhouse

Tigers won last night, after too many hours and extra innings of stress and torture. WTF Valverde, and WTF Leyland for keeping him in? Anyway, with the hard-earned win, it's time to show off a bunch of Tigers cards.

I'll do that by posting about some trades I'm so behind on, and it's a real disservice to the great bloggers I've been trading with. They sent such great stuff, and it definitely deserves to be shown off.

I saw this card and another posted for trade over at This Way to the Clubhouse. I contacted Mark, and we got a trade going. I love the manu-stitched signature thingy-do, but probably only because it's Kaline. But Mark had lots more to send:

Some very nice Verlanders for the PC. Can't wait until he's pitching again.

And more cards of Miggy and Pudge for the other PCs. Mark paid careful attention to my lists and sent some great stuff I needed. I love the 7-11 Pudge. I remember getting those off my Slurpees as a kid.

This is my favorite card of the trade. Love it. They just can't make enough cards of Sparky. And this has to be one of my favorite Topps manu-patch sets.

All in all, a fantastic trade. Head on over to This Way to the Clubhouse. Mark has some interesting player collections. Go make him a trade offer.

The next trade comes from Rhubarb Runner over at "é rayhahn, rayhahn". We've had a few great trades in the past, and Rhubarb never disappoints. On this trade, he spent weeks hunting down cards for me, and he ended up with the perfect stuff. Now, doing that kind of work takes one helluva trade. Here a few of my favorites he sent.

I'm always excited to get a new Pudge card, but this one hits everything on my favorite list: scrap-o-jersey, Tigers uniform, and catcher's gear. Great card.

Then some Mr. Triple Crown bat relic goodness. Donruss had a simple yet classy design with this set. There's something very cowboy saloon about this that I like.

And finally, some more Miggy, along with a slew of fairly unlikely cohorts. I'm not sure how they decided on this group. Great multi--shades-of-gray GU card.

If you have some very cool Twins stuff or just enjoy good writing, go check out "é rayhahn, rayhahn".

For the last trade of this post, here's another blogger I've exchanged bubble mailers with in the past--the witty scrivener, the enigma, Napkin Doon.

Nap sent some awesome Tigers vintage. I love the Gates Brown. I have almost no 1965 Topps cards. Eventually, I'll try to finish the vintage Tigers teams sets, and Nap helped me get an early start.

Nap also sent along some cool Ted Williams Tigers cards. And some very nice Verlanders and Cabreras for the player collection. Bottom right, an auto of Scott Sizemore, no longer a Tiger, but an interesting player, one I like to follow.

Thanks for another great trade, Nap. I'm grateful for the generosity of all of these great bloggers. Thanks, dudes. Now, onward to another Tigers victory which will surely be insured by my massive trade post.

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  1. "cowboy saloon" -- that's an apt description, I like it.

    Always enjoy a good trade, even if it takes a while. ;)