Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tigers Win! The Stars Revived

Game 4 was a nail-biter. Game 5 was a little smoother. Once this guy sent one over the fence.

And what a beautiful thing it was to see Miggy doing what Miggy does. He's still hurt, but perhaps we're seeing an upswing. Speaking of a beautiful things, this snazzy card comes from a trade with Mr. Baseball Scott.

But it wasn't just Miggy having a comeback.

Verlander's game was a masterpiece. Let's take a moment to humbly reflect with Justin.



So are all the doubters finished asking what happened to Verlander, as if he's been a junk pitcher all season. He had what would be a career year for most pitchers, and now he's pitching at an unbelievable level again. Let's take this right on over to Boston!


  1. Congratulations! Verlander was a beast! I was not a happy camper this evening. At least one of us is happy ;-)

  2. Dhoff - shoot me an email at rmatlack3 at juno dot com. I think we can probably work some kind of trade. Have quite a few Pudges not yet listed including him on the cover of Tigers magazine. Also a few non-Pudge TTM autos on the trade list.