Friday, April 20, 2012

Dime Box Ripkens: Card Show Wrap-Up

I love finding random treasures in the dime boxes, but one of my main focuses is adding to my Ripken collection. It's tougher to find Tigers players in the dime boxes, just because they're over-priced in Michigan. I rely on trades for my Tigers stuff. But as for Ripken, apparently he's just dime box fodder around the mitten, which is good for me, and my pursuit of one of my childhood heroes.

All out of the dime box. I rarely ever turn down a dime box Ripken, unless they're doubles from the junk wax years. I already had doubles of the Masterpieces cards at the top, but for a dime, that's a triple I can handle. The rest are all new. The Diamond Kings card is probably the biggest highlight of this bunch. I love the DK  sets.

Some more nice Ripkens. I dig the horizontal cards at the top. My favorite here is the 2002 Leaf card commemorating Ripken's ROY. Very classy design.

So this card show netted me a few dozen more Ripkens for the collection, on top of the other finds I noted in my last two posts.

I should also mention that the dealer who sold me most of these dime box Ripkens had what looked like an authentic 206 Honus Wagner encased in a huge brick of plastic anchoring his table. Really, it was only about half of the card, as the bottom had been chewed off. I should've taken a picture. It was cool to see one of these in person. When I asked him how he'd attained this card, he gave me the old cliche, "If I told you I'd have to kill you." I figured I'd leave it at that and go home safely with my handful of Ripkens.


  1. Wow, Great Ripken pickups from the dime boxes. 'Round here, there are no Ripkens in the bargain bins.

  2. Where are you going to shows in MI. I am in Mid-MI and cant find any???