Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vintage Trade with Thoughts and Sox

Adam over at Thoughts and Sox contacted me a while ago about needing some cards I'd posted, and he offered up some vintage. Well, I'm always up for vintage, and it's always a pleasure to go through Adam's well-manicured want lists.

Apparently, he has a lot of extra 1960 Topps. He sent a really nice smattering of cards. I always dig the multiple player cards from early Topps, and the Win-Savers card is a nice example.

The Yaz '71 card is great. I always liked this set. And a '55 Topps card is always welcome, even if slightly nibbled. Higgins hip-check pose and his fancy bat hold is just priceless.

Two more 1960 cards to round out the trade. The Paul Foytack card was a new one for me.

I should mention that Adam also sent back one of the cards I sent him. Among others things, I sent him two '52 Bowman Red Sox cards. He ended up getting one of them before my cards arrived, so he sent it back:

I have to say that was pretty generous of Adam to send back a double he didn't need. So, now Randall here wants to turn into a vintage Tiger if anyone else needs this.

Thanks again for the great trade, Adam. And if you readers haven't checked out Thoughts and Sox and browsed his want lists, you should head on over.

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