Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocking the Dime Box at the Card Show

The last card show I went to had some amazing dime and quarter boxes, and it's that time to show you the gems I found from my diligent scrounging.

I don't even know who Carlos Urquiola is, but I won't turn down an auto for a dime. Apparently he spent most of his time in the D-Backs system, so next time I trade with a D-Backs fan they'll be getting this card whether they like it or not. And I also can't pass up SPs from cool throwback sets.

For some reason, I keep picking up these Goudey Presidents, which are classy looking cards. I think I'm getting close to completing the set, and I'm thinking I'll just leave that up to the whim of the all-mighty dime boxes. I snag Obak when I see cool cards in the cheap boxes. The dime box culture allows me to explore the more experimental sets, without the buyer's remorse burn of buying a box. If we ever needed another reason to love the dime boxes, there you go. This Statz card is numbered out of 25, and it was actually a quarter box purchase.

These were all quarter box purchases. And I love when they yield me some nice rookies. Surprisingly, this is my first Strawberry rookie, and he gets added to the '80s semi-star rookie collection. The Cole is a refractor. Looks like he's off to a good start in his first season in A+.

Yet more rookies, most from the quarter box. The Griffey I've been going after for a while. It has some paper loss on the back, but that's fine with me. And, of course, I've been needing to add a Fielder rookie to the collection. I had a few of his rookies from 2006 with the rookie logo, but I'm kind of a purist when it comes to rookies. I need that first year card.

Always happy to find some quarter and dime box vintage. I picked up the top 5 cards when I was going through one dealer's quarter boxes. And then my eyes caught some higher-priced deals that actually made me forget about the cheap boxes, but you'll have to wait until next post to hear about that. The Hamilton I paid a dollar for, and that knocked another rookie off my list. The Mantle is from Upper Deck's 2001 set, Legends of New York. Now, I'm not a New York fan by far, but these cards were interesting enough to drop a dime on. The blue "Yankees" is all fuzzy and felty, but until they invent feel-ernet you'll just have to trust me. But the last thing any one would do with that technological innovation would be to feel my felt "Yankees." Yikes.

Moving on:

These didn't come out of the dime box, nor the quarter box. These came out of the 2 cent box. Crazy, right? This is only a small sampling of what I grabbed from dozens of these boxes. I had to cut myself off when I could no longer carry what I'd found. Above you see some of the highlights. I picked up a ton of 2010 Bowman Chrome without any discretion. I also picked up a bunch of 2010 Topps Chrome. Basically anything shiny for two pennies. I didn't scan them here, but I got a nice stack of Topps HD, because it seems like other bloggers collect this set. Let me know if you're working on HD, and maybe I can help now.

So, have you ever heard of 2 cent boxes like this? Anyone encountered a good penny box yet?

Next post I'll show off my big hits. Hint: They're pretty much all vintage.


  1. Great finds! Finding an auto card in a dime box is amazing, no matter who it is. (I was lucky enough to have the same thing happen to me once.)

    I've never seen a two-cent box at a card show, but I found a big box of two-cent cards at a garage sale a couple years back, filled with cards from the 1989 Swell Baseball Greats set. I came away with about a hundred cool HOFers and retired guys, and it only cost me two bucks.

    I vaguely remember a couple penny boxes from garage sales when I was younger, although I don't think I found a whole lot from them. I'd love to come across another one, though.

  2. A 2cent box is sweet! Sounds like fun to go through.

  3. Still hunting for a dime box, let alone a 2-cent box. Was absolutely thrilled to find rows of quarter boxes at the last card show. That's as low as they go around here.