Monday, April 23, 2012

Reeling in a Big Fisk

I've been trying to win myself a Pudge rookie on eBay for a long time. Not the usual Pudge I collect, though. I've got plenty of his rookies. I'm talking the original Pudge, who was one of the best catchers of all time, and I do love catchers.

But since I'm cheap as hell, I like to stalk auctions until I find the best possible deal. It took me a long time, but finally I ended up with the card I was after.

It's a little beat up. Looks like someone put a staple next to Garman at one point. But this stapling kid was neat about it, stayed right on the edge, was kind to the corners. Really, it's in far better shape than I would've settled for. And this is an epic add to the rookie collection.

Now, I ended up getting this card for a deal only because it was a part of a lot. The lot was all Fisk cards.

Some nice inserts were included, and a framed Masterpieces card. I dig a framed Fisk, especially in gear.

But that's not all this Pudge lot included.

My first GU Fisk card, and it's a sweet one. I tend to prefer bats over jerseys. The design of this card is nice, too. Fisk is looking very old-school in the high socks and the classic uniform. The background has a nice subtlety with the shadow of Fisk's bat grip.

So, how much did I pay for this lot, for the deal I stalked eBay for months to find? $4.99 shipped. On eBay, a Fisk rookie in fair condition runs about 4 or 5 bucks. For some reason, I find that lots like this end up getting less bids and have lower starting prices. Pretty sweet deal, right? There's something about getting a deal that makes the cards all the more enjoyable. Have you ever gotten lot deals on eBay where you get a better deal than you would on the single card alone?


  1. Great deal. You could easily have paid that for the GU card alone.

  2. Holy crap a Cecil Cooper rookie Card!! Nice snag.