Monday, April 30, 2012

The Virtual Dime Box

I find I waste a ton of time trolling eBay, often just looking for great deals. Sometimes I'm just searching the lowest price baseball cards and snagging stuff to trade or just stuff that looks cool. It's the virtual dime box, and if one puts in the time, there are gems to be found.

This card cost me less than a postage stamp, and it's numbered to 25. I don't know how others missed it. Perhaps because it went up with a massive amount of other Obak cards all selling at the same time. I especially dig the Negro League cards from this set, and this is a cool one. According to Wiki, Babe Ruth thought John Henry "Pop" Lloyd was the best baseball player ever. Others called him the "Black Wagner," and Honus is quoted as saying, "It's an honor to be compared to him." I love that Babe and Honus gave such respect to Lloyd. Sounds like he deserved it.

More from the virtual dime box. I love this 2003 set, which worked so much better than the last 2 throwback Topps 206 sets. These are both great-looking minis, and this is my first true Markakis rookie. And I guess these are Sovereign backs, which is yet another parallel. I have trouble keeping track, but I think these are a little rarer.

Here are the backs. Does anyone know anything about these sovereign minis? The Shoppach and Markakis cards ran me a little under a dollar, which, after shipping, means they were about a dime a piece, so these are genuine virtual dime box gems. Now keep in mind, these took many diligent hours of searching to find. And I think that means I need to get a hobby. Oh wait, I have one, and it rocks.

This one cost me lest than a postage stamp, and this is just a beautiful card, one of my favorites I've seen from the Diamond Kings sets.

So how about you guys. Have you found some gems digging through the virtual dime boxes?


  1. Love the Cobb, I've got that card myself. Definitely one of the highlights of my HOF collection. An absolute steal on the Lloyd as well!

    People on the trading forum I'm on sometimes have big lists of dime cards. Going through those lists in search for ones I need is almost as good as digging through an actual dime box. A few months ago, a guy had a list with thousands of late 90s-present base cards at 90% off, most of them ended up being only three or four cents a piece.

    Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with that one.

  2. Is that Markakis available for our next trade?