Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pudge Cards

At the card show I just went to, one of my favorite dealers had a CRAZY BLOWOUT EXTRAVANGZA, and everything inside was a dollar. A ton of football and basketball relics and autos that I have no interest in and quickly flipped past. I did find this beauty, though:

A 2005 Fleer Platinum I-Rod jersey card. For a buck. Impossible to decline. The scan doesn't really show it, but the diamond in the background is all sparkly. Seems as though Fleer was thinking shiny diamonds before Topps.

This is the second Pudge relic to add to my collection. The first one came from a very generous trade with Garvey, Cey, Russell, Lopes way back before the blog started up.

So, now I have a hunk-o-bat and a scrap of jersey from my favorite catcher of all time. Thanks again, gcrl.

Ivan's going into his 21st season in 2011, and it looks like he'll be the everyday catcher for the Nationals. It's pretty amazing he's kept catching this long, and even if he isn't the hitter he used to be, you have to respect a guy that's so damn good at his job. I wasn't big on all the Strasburg hype, aside from the fact that Pudge was catching for him, ushering yet another young phenom pitcher. I wonder how many he's seen come and go in his career.

I have to add one more card to this post.

I just got my first Miguel Cabrera from Rhubarb Runner over at “é rayhahn, rayhahn”. This is the second trade we've done in rapid succession. He's one hell of a trader. Just for the record, Miguel's little scotch-cruise was pretty gross, but that doesn't make me like him any less.

If you have any Cabrera or Pudge autos or relics to trade, let me know. I'll find some good stuff for you. In fact, I'll post some more trade bait soon. Check back soon.

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