Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Average Trade, No Average Verlander

At this point, most of you probably know all about Jason and his great blog Joe Average Collector. I was lucky to chat with him and trade with him early on in his blogging career, and we've had some amazing trades since. And they all started with one card Jason originally offered me, a card I still can't believe I own:

What an extremely stunning card. This is my first Verlander patch card, and that's about the primest patch one could get. I think this is my favorite Verlander card I own, and one of the shiniest gems in the collection.
And with this trade, Jason, being the super generous guy he is, threw in a bunch of sweet extras:
More Verlanders, including a 2006 rookie.
We also traded for this very cool All-Star Avila card.
So, that was our first trade, and since then, Jason just keeps sending me awesome cardboard:
Such as this dynamic duo of vintage and new, well-loved and manu-patched, all-star and hall-of-famer. This was our second trade, which leads to our most recent one.
For this most recent trade, Jason dug into his vintage and found a bunch of great gems. Here we have a quad of my favorites, '68s and '58s. This Charley card might be the most unmanly card of a Tiger ever, which makes it perfect.
He also sent a woodgrain '55 Bowman Tiger I needed. Zuverink only started a couple dozen games for the Tigers, but his vintage visage was one I needed for my vintage Bowman Tigers team sets.
To wrap up this vintage trade, here's a complete work of baseball card art. I absolutely love this card, Gray's portrait, his somewhat sneaky-looking smirk. The background is so cool too. Man, this is one of the best cards I've seen in a while. Good luck, modern cards, in trying to compete with this.
Oh, yeah, there is that. Sorry, '53 Gray. This card is a bit more thrilling.
Thanks, Jason, for an amazing trio of trades. Be sure to check out Joe Average Collector's Blog for tons of great writing, and if you're lucky enough to get to trade with him, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Damn... that patch is super sexy!

  2. I'm not jealous at all...I mean who would want this in their Verlander collection...Seriously. Yuck.

  3. Ted Gray is giving you a look that says, "you're actually going to take that patch -- that piece of fabric -- over my fantastic '53 card? Think about that, son."

    I'll take the Gray.

  4. wow Dustin you are making me blush! I love trading, it is great to find out what others love to collect. I think of my self as a collector that collects all players, teams, vintage, and new. But sometimes you get a card or cards that you know would look much better in someone elses collector. I loved the Verlander patch, but I knew it would be much more enjoyed by a true Tiger fan. I'm glad you liked the vintage trade this time around. I look forward to trades in 2013! Also, I hope maybe you can get hooked up on some group breaks I will start doing monthly! Thanks again Dustin and happy holidays!

  5. Wow, very excellent patch. 'Grats.