Monday, August 12, 2013

Cracking a Hanger of 2013 Topps: Lots of Royal Blue Stuff

Everyone's showing off Ginter, so that means it's about time for me to show what I got in my hanger of boring ol' flagship. For my birthday, the good ol' Ma wrapped me up a box of 2013. I haven't opened much from anything this year, because, like every year, I'm cheap. I buy discount, always.

But I won't stop Ma, if Ma so chooses to gift me the new goods.

So what did I get?

A few green sparklies. Pretty nice names to get Hosmer and Pujols. Two Royals out of the three greens in the box. Keep this in mind. Spoiler alert: it's the theme of this box. Oh yeah, and it's the title.

Some more inserty inserts. Love those Calling Card inserts, though Pap is about the worst card I could get.

Then a bunch of these Chasing History thingies. I was pretty excited to only get one current player in Kemp and the rest all Hall-of-Famers. These are some regal-looking cards.

And finally, a crapload more Royal blue. I'm happy to land a hit, even if it is a Moustakas, which really has no place in my collection. I guess, for novelty's sake, it's the first piece of blue jersey I own, I think. Pulling a camo parallel feels pretty lucky, too. I think Lough is actually doing decently lately, too.

So, a pretty decent box overall, even it the colors were all wrong.

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  1. How is that many Royals in one box even possible? This is bananas!