Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vintage Trade Bait: Well-Loved '50 and '60s

Below you'll find scans of some vintage cardboard that's up for trade. I'll be adding this to a new page that will consist of all my vintage trade bait. You'll find the link next to my modern trade bait  and want lists at the top of the page. There's more to come in the future.
Note that this stuff is all well-loved to different levels of affection, meaning this stuff is creased and stained and written on and certainly not mint.
Archie Wilson: 1952 Bowman

Don Larsen and Casey Stengel: 1959 Topps

Minnie Minoso: 1959 Topps

Joe Frazier: 1955 Topps (horrendously off-centered)

Ruben Gomez: 1955 Topps
Harry Dorish: 1953 Topps

Ned Garver: 1952 Bowman
George Zuverink: 1957 Topps
Gus Bell: 1957 Topps
Harry Simpson: 1953 Topps
Eddie Yost: 1956 Topps
Jerry Lynch: 1958 Topps
Don Larsen: 1958 Topps

Dodgers: 1959 Topps

1968 Topps

1947-1966 Exhibits: Earl Torgeson

Jim Delsing: 1952 Bowman

If you see anything you like and have some similarly vintage Tigers or catchers in gear to trade, or other stuff I might be interested in, leave a comment or send me an email: dustinhoff86 at gmail dot com. Thanks for looking.

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  1. I might need that Ed Yost PATP card. I'll check and let you know.