Friday, August 9, 2013

I Drove to Texas for Two Cards

I recently made a little road trip from Tennessee to Texas, which was a pretty insane climate shock for a Michigander. It was under pretty sad circumstances, to help my little sister in a time of grieving. As sad as the situation was, I still got to do a road trip with my awesome sis, who has been noted on this blog in the past for her cardboard gifting.

So, the south is pretty dern hot, eh. Beautiful, though. I actually really enjoyed all those mesquite trees and stubby cacti in west Texas. But that water, man. Holy hell, that's undrinkable!

I found a little mall card shop in little sis' hometown of San Angelo. Sportsmaniac is a little mall shop. It was nice and clean and had some lovely cards. Me, I prefer musty messes of disorderly dime boxes. The closest they had to that was a $2 box. I found two pretty neat cards.

I don't really care about Gordon Beckham, but it's a piece of hat! How about that? Do you like my hat? I do not like your hat.

I couldn't pass up a piece of "college worn hat" just for the sheer novelty of it. The piece is all stained and stitched and looks to have maybe an ink stain. I love the really used game-used cards. This may eventually end up as trade bait, but for now it's a neat card to have.

And I found this Mike Trout Heritage Minors rookie. I figured that's just too good of a deal to pass up for $2. Arkansas Travellers was a team name I was unaware of.

So that's it. I drove all the way to Texas for two cards that cost me $4. Oh, yeah, and to hang with little sis Holly. So it's time once again to show off the best card I ever received as a present. Boom:

Best little sister ever, right?


  1. Both great cards! I actually caught a game a few days ago where the Travelers lost to the Missions. Game used hat is a first, very cool, and Heritage Minors might be my favorite brand.

  2. Awesome Kaline! Those '55 Bowmans are absolutely beautiful.

  3. cool = pair of $2 cards

    cooler = 55B Kaline

    coolest = little sisters who hook you up with cardboard