Monday, August 26, 2013

Pair of Trades: Rhubarb and a Shoebox

It's time for some very belated trade appreciation. To start off, Rhubarb Runner and I completed another trade. This was our third or fourth. He's one of my oldest and favorite trade partners. If the alliterative name doesn't sound familiar--and it should if you're reading baseball card blogs!--perhaps his difficult to pronounce blog name will, é rayhahn, rayhahn.

This was the favorite card of the trade, which was a nice and simple one. Topps Heritage usually puts together a pretty classy GU card, and 2008 might be the best with the baseball diamond design and homeplate-shaped bat chunk.

Here are some Rhubarby extras. Great Kalines and Pudges. I kept trying to figure out why Ivan would ever be on a cover that says "Best of the Worst." What the heck, ESPN.

The Runner is always a great trader. If you have some snazzy Twins, hit him up for a trade. You won't be disappointed.

Next up, was a new trader for me. Shoebox Legends and I traded some bricks of Sox and Tigers.

From '94 Score to 2007 Heritage short prints, lots of Tigers I hadn't seen before. I love the super-close-up of Sweet Lou's shiny helmet.

Here are some of my favorite Tigers inserts. I'm a big fan of framed Masterpieces, even if Mr. Shef is featured. A pair of wood-framed Pudges are no scrubs either.

I always appreciate some Verlander rookies.

Shane didn't just send a bunch of great Tigers, he also filled a bunch of player collection needs. These were a few of my favorites.

And some Ripken and Cabreras, too.

Believe me when I say these were just a few of the cards in this huge batch. If you have a Red Sox cards to trade, swing on by Shoebox Legends.

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  1. Glad you liked everything and thanks again for your awesome package of Red Sox! I'll look you up if I get my hands on any other good Tigers cards.