Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trade Post: Pudge from The Dimwit

Long long ago, I approached the world's most articulate dimwit about a trade. He'll have to forgive my abysmally tardy posts, as anyone who trades with me must.

Anyway, it was one of those short and simple trades. Three cards for three cards. And they were good ones:

I collect all Pudges, and here we have two great cards featuring the Fisk. This Masterpieces card is one of my favorites. He's mean mugging through the eye-black. On the other side, we have a bright and sunny Fisk, who'd be happy to help an old lady cross the street. Don't ask that other Pudge, though. He'll block that other side of the street and force that old lady into a collision at the plate.

For the third card, a classy looking black border Verlander from GQ.

Great cards. Thanks a ton, Sam. Be sure to head over to The Daily Dimwit for a great blog and, if you're lucky, a stellar trade partner.

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  1. Those are indeed some classy looking cards.