Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trades Coming and Going: Vintage from Nolan's Dugout

I sent out five trade packages on Monday. If your zip is one of these, expect some cardboard awesome very soon: 48105, 64076, 23231, 60586, 07030. I think most of you have already received these.

I've got some good stuff in the works, and I'm always happy to trade with more of you if anyone has an offer or interest in my trade bait. I always have more good stuff to trade I haven't posted yet, too, so just ask.

And with the outgoing, there's plenty of incoming to report, which I'm perpetually behind on. Like this very sweet vintage trade with Nolan's Dugout.

Steve Souchock is considered a high number from 1952 Bowman at #235, and it's a hard one to snag. Kyle really helped me out a ton with this one. Besides it being a high number, the card features one of those signature Bowman blue-sky-white-cloud backgrounds. Steve looks so happy, a virtual Elysian cherub Tiger.

Kyle also include this:

Those 1950 Bowmans are tough to knock off the list, too. Jerry Priddy's wooden-fence background is a little less romantic, but no less classic.

Along with knocking needs off my vintage list, Kyle also found a few 2007 Bowman Heritage cards I needed. Only a few more to go. No matter what you think of Pettite, you have to admit that card is cool.

And there were more extras.

Amazing Kalines


Even a glow-in-the-dark Ripken, oddballs and inserts.

Kyle hasn't posted much lately. Let's hope he gets back to it again soon. He's a great trader. Mosey over to Nolan's Dugout and give him a little nudge. He collects Yankees and some of the less junky junk wax cards.

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  1. The Kaline in the top-left corner of that scan is sweet! Actually, all the Kalines are sweet...because it's Al Kaline!