Monday, August 5, 2013

More Bowman Heritage I Don't Really Need

Adding needs to my 2007 Bowman Heritage set is slow-going these days. I only need a few more cards, and I fear Bowman may bring back Heritage sets before I finish.

A recent trip to a not-so-local LCS yielded a few cool additions to the set. They had some hits for a buck. Now, I'm not really hoping to collect all the Pieces of Greatness GUs, but, hell, for a buck, why not?

I have a heap of admiration for this card's design. I love the stands in the back and that they decided to feature Kent bunting. Another feature I dig is how the player's full legal name is printed. Franklin, eh? 

This one's a little less interesting, but Rich sure does look happy. Whatever happened to this happy-go-lucky Canadian? Baseball Reference doesn't know, but they do note his full name as James Richard Harden. So, there goes the full name theory.

Maybe if the player has adopted a version of their middle name as their first name Bowman decided not to step on any toes. Fan favorite Trot Nixon's full name is Christopher Trotman Nixon. But, hell, you'd call yourself Trot, too, if given the option.

OK, I'll leave this full-name issue now. This is the last 2007 Bowman Heritage hit I snagged for a buck. Like Harden, here's another previously effective pitchers who went AWOL. Too bad, too. Dontrelle was fun to watch, and his wind-up makes for a great-looking card.

So, as much as I'd like to just get the base set of 2007 BH completed, it's not going to happen soon. Luckily, I can just keep filling my pages with stuff I don't need like this.

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  1. Don't know about Harden, but I read yesterday that Dontrelle Willis was in the Angels' organization and headed to AAA Salt Lake City.