Friday, October 7, 2011

A Break in Harpukkah to Celebrate

What's better than selling off a Bryce Harper card to buy a bunch of other sweet cards? A big Tigers win, of course.

Last Night was a nail-biter. I was pacing, grinding my teeth, pulling out hair. And there's not much hair left. That stuff is rare and precious.

But all my stressing was worth it. The Tigers pulled out a big win last night, and I'm thrilled. My wife, not so much. She said, "Oh great. Now I have to watch a bunch more games." Too bad, wifey. We're going on.

This guy was stellar last night:

Kind of funny that he doesn't look much different from his rookie year. Don't hate me, fellow Tigers fans, but, honestly, I'm not a huge Valverde fan. He's been pretty perfect in saves, but really a lot of his saves get pretty messy, involve moving runners into scoring position before ending the game. And that's cost me precious hairs. But last night, man, Valverde was awesome. Best save of the year for any team so far.

And thanks to this guy:

Mr. Utility really came through. How did Leyland know to start him? He's been great all season, but definitely an unsung hero. Leyland almost started crying at the press conference last night, got all choked up when talking about how Cabrera and V-Mart will have a million great memories, but tonight is Donnie's, and he'll remember it forever. When curmudgeony Leyland gets all wishy-washy, it's pretty hard for us Tigers fans not to do the same. I guess I should speak for myself. There's no crying in baseball!

Anyway, congrats Tigers, on beating the Yanks. Onward, boys!

Tomorrow, Bryce Harpukkah shall resume.

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