Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Can You Get for Two Quarters at the Card Show?

Moving up the ranks from those silly, paltry nickel and dime boxes, today we'll be checking out what kind of sophisticated cardboard one can find for half a dollar.

First up:

One of the most iconic '80s Topps rookies, for fifty cents! What? It has some discoloring along the right side, but still a steal. I already have one of these, but I can't pass up a deal like that.

Or a deal like this. The Boggster was a favorite from my childhood, and here's another iconic '80s rookie. There's a bit of a crease on the bottom, but still worth two quarters. It's funny that I see these rookies all the time for a few bucks but never really see discounted flawed ones. Seems like once the '80s hit, everyone stopped putting their cards in the bicycle spokes. 

Here's a very non-iconic minor league card: 1986 Southern League All-Star Tom Glavine. This one was just obscure enough to snag up. Love Glavine's awkward smirk here. He was still growing into his pitcher's face.

This is kind of a rookie, maybe. Despite every other 2006 brand slapping the new rookie logo all over Verlander, who had been included in most brands the year before, for some reason Bazooka took the high road. Classy, and blue.

Actually, only the Brooks and Gibson cards were 50 cents. The rest were dime and quarter fodder. The Rose was a nickel, seriously. Under two dollars for all of this sweet vintage here. I especially dig the Tiant Deckle Edge and the 3D Boog. And who had the restraint not to scratch Yount?

Let's round things out with an actual card I picked up for 50 cents:

Sweet, sweet '75 mini Fisk. Now that's a find. He's one of those players I've always considered collecting. You know, the other Pudge. Blasphemy?


  1. Dude, those are sweet!

    If you are ever looking to move the Glavine I'm sure I could toss you a card or two to make it worth your while. Drop me a line!