Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bryce Harpukkah: Day Four, Getting Clothes Just Got Cooler

For our fourth day of Harpukkah, we're getting clothes. Now, every kid sulks when they unwrap a present and find a pair of argyle socks or some new slacks, but Harpukkah is turning that frown upside down.

Here's a jersey from Mr. Pine Tar. I'll always believe it was dirt. Kenny's start in the 2006 World Series for the Tigers was certainly one of the highest points of an otherwise devastating series for us. Now, this is a gift of clothing that makes me smile, and it's nice to have a non-gray or white piece of fabric. This card was just over a dollar shipped on eBay.

This Joe Cronin GU card was surprisingly under $2 shipped. The fabric is scratchy and wool (I think) and would be exactly the kind of material that your Aunt Trudy would love to buy you--those terribly uncomfortable, scratchy pants you'll have to wear next time you see her. But I don't have to wear those pants, and this swatch of fabric is the coolest I've ever felt on a GU card. It's so different than the usual jersey fabric. I'm not much of a Red Sox fan, but I'm pretty excited to pick up this card of a hall-of-famer.

OK, so you can't wear socks made out of a bat, but if you could, it would be a much cooler holiday gift. Another hall-of-famer GU card off eBay for less than $2. Cool shot of Billy Williams in this card. I always liked the design of this set. It's a little monochromatic, but in a classy kind of way.

So, the fourth day brings us scraps of material touched by two hall-of-famers and an all-star. Not a bad trade just by themselves for a chrome card with some maps in the background and some hyped up minor league player in the foreground.

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