Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bryce Harpukkah: Day Seven, Bryce's Trade Bait

Up to this point, I've been showing you the goodies the Magical Dradle Fairy Bryce Harper has added to my personal collection. But I did some shopping, hoping I could get some trades going too. You know how it goes, when shopping the eBays and you see something that's such a good deal but you don't really need it and hope someone else will want it. Anyway, these are the cards I picked up hoping to trade.

2007 Bowman Heritage, Signs of Greatness: Blake Johnson. I still haven't decided if I wanted to collect this part of the 2007 Bowman Heritage set, the Signs of Greatness autos. So, this one's up for trade, but it's a card I like, if for nothing else than it's part of my favorite modern set. I know nothing about Blake Johnson, but at least he's still playing decently in the minors, unlike many others from this set.

2002 Topps Pristine Auto: Casey Kotchman. I always liked Casey, and when shopping for trade bait, one must choose cards one would be fairly happy to receive for their own Harpukkah. These are cool cards, too, of the translucent variety. What I find amusing is how small Casey signed here. There is indeed a great deal going on in this card, and so he stuck to the corner, not wanting to crowd in on any pastel bubbles.

2008 TRISTAR PROjections Auto: Clay Fuller. Clay here was part of a combined shipping deal with the Porcello card I picked up for Harpukkah. He's still with the Angels, in their AA league, so he still might have a chance at the majors. I like how he underlines his very readable signature.

2003 Bowman Auto: Jonny Gomes. This is a great-looking set, made for autographs. And I like Jonny, who, it looks like, got traded to the Nationals for some minor leaguers. He had a pretty rough 2011, but maybe some time playing with Pudge will help out.

2005 Just Auto: Nelson Cruz. This guy has been pissing me off lately, so the sooner I can trade him the better.

So, let me know if you're interested in anything. Getting a trade going would make my Harpukkah all the sweeter.

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