Monday, October 17, 2011

Moseying through the Card Show, Combing through the Cheap Boxes

I'm finally getting to the card show I attended a month or so back, in South Haven, MI. All you eastern Michiganders might have your Gibralter shows on me, but these South Haven shows are some of the best I've gone to. There was one dealer whose tables I spent the majority of my time at. He had about ten tables with descending rows of $5 boxes all the way down to nickel boxes. Sounds like a great way to spend hours combing through a labyrinthine tome of cards, right? I'll start off the posting with what I found in his nickel to quarter boxes, which are always the most fun, I think. They're where we find the best discount treasures.

I think this one was in the quarter box, and I can never turn these down for a quarter, especially when it's Joe Torre.

The 1969 Aparicio might have been 50 cents, but the other two were a nickel. The Rollie card is just too cool. His moustache looks nobler than ever in the Diamond King style. I'd been needing that Fernando rookie for a while, and this one's in good shape for a nickel. The photo is a bit blurry, but I can't complain.

These were all in the nickel, dime, quarter range. It seems funny for me to find an on-card auto in the cheap boxes, but I keep running into these Classic autos for super cheap and just can't turn them down. Karim is a minor league Dodger in this card, so maybe someone will be interested. The Morgan RC is a short print, I think, and encased in woodgrain, so that's always cool. The Wakefield RC, though, I was most excited about finding. He may never be a hall-of-famer, but he's one of those players that baseball history will always remember.

Here's the weirdest thing I found in the cheap boxes. Is this a Lineage '75 parallel? No, sir. It appears to be one of those oddball brands working without license in the early '90s. I couldn't find any information on this card, but who doesn't love 1975 designs? This card is just begging to be sued.

Here's the back:

Nothing to identify this card back here. I guess this would make it a 1991 issue, but nothing else to mark this.

That's it for now. Tomorrow, I'll do the fifty cent boxes, which had some pretty great stuff.

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