Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bryce Harpukkah: Day Five, Early Leaf

Just one card for today's Harpukkah gift posting:

1949 Leaf Jake Early. This is my first vintage Leaf card. And I had to stray from the bay to pick it up. This was at my LCS, which has all of these great boxes of vintage marked to about 10 percent of BV. This one cost $2.50. The set reminds me a lot of the 1949 Bowman design, but a bit more colorful and less headshot-based. Really, a pretty cool vintage design.

I love vintage cards of catchers in full gear, and Jake Early was an all-star, known for his taunting behind the plate: mimicking baseball announcers, auctioneers, and even singing, according to Wiki. He also once picked off Ted Williams at first base, which Ted said was the most embarrassing moments in his career.

Here's the back of the card:

Again, reminiscent of the Bowman design on the back. Lots of text and a free offer. Actually, this free offer sounds pretty sweet. I wonder what these big portraits looked like. I couldn't find any pictures online, but someone should send me a link if they've seen one. Also, on the back, you can see why these cards are so cheap. The person my LCS bought this vintage collection from liked to write on the cards. No problem for me. I like the character it adds, and the savings it brings.

Tomorrow just may bring some more interesting vintage.


  1. "I love vintage cards of catchers in full gear", ME TOO!!!

    Great card and I too am envious.