Monday, October 24, 2011

Card Show's Last Dance: Bowman Tigery Goodness

Most of what I posted from the card show came from one dealer, and this last post is the high-end cards I bought. Warning: high end for me is a couple bucks. Nothing here that cost more than a Lincoln, but all great buys, and all vintage.

Here's a vintage rookie of a fantastic catcher that I never thought I'd own. This one was a steal, and a mini at that. The pictures are a bit blurry, and the centering is a bit off, but overall this Carter rookie is in great shape.

My LCS has a ton of cheap vintage Bowman, but never any Tigers, so I was happy to find this. They're in great shape, too: bright color, no severe creases, and all Tiger. This card came at the end of a long career for Hank. He played 10 seasons for the Yankees, and won them a bunch of games. Only three wins as a Tiger.

Another Tigers pitcher from 1951 Bowman. Ted Gray didn't have the career Borowy did, but he played for the Tigers longer. Another great-looking vintage Bowman card for very cheap.

Here's my favorite vintage pick-up of the card show. Here we have vintage Bowman, a Tigers player, and a catcher in gear--that hits three of my favorite collection criterion. It's just a great pose, too, Matt pulling his mask, gazing at a pop-up. And I dig the perspective of the picture, with so much of the chest guard featured. Matt Batts only played 2 and a fraction of a third season with the Tigers. Not a long-term Tiger, but he makes for an awesome player pick-up from a favorite vintage set.

Twins team card, why would I pick this one up? Well, because it was combined in a penny sleeve as a discounted pair of non-mint vintage with this one:

Now there's a great card, and it's even in better shape than the Twins card. I didn't have this Kaline yet, and it was a much-needed pick-up.

That does it for the South Haven card show. There's another one coming up in November, and I'll be there. I just hope the dealer I bought so many cards from shows up again.

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  1. That is some nice vintage. I love the Matt Batts card! Congrats.