Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Card Show: Have Dimes Will Travel

Everything got put on hold for the end of the semester, and I'm just now getting to posting the cards I got at a card show a few months ago. This was at my favorite show, held in South Haven, MI. The guy who puts on the show is always super nice and tries so hard to make his shows more social than the usual gaggle of middle-aged men bent silently over dollar boxes. One of the ways he does this is with door prizes, and I won for the first time last show:

I won myself a complete 1989 Donruss Spahn puzzle. Not sure what to do with this, really. I'll probably give it to my two-year-old nephew, and he can be bewildered by Spahn bewildering gaze.

Today, I'll post every one's favorite treasures: the goodies from the cheapo boxes.

These were all a dime at the most, which just seems cruel when I've paid almost $2 for that Biggio before. The Finest cards are refractors, and pretty hard to tell even with the card right in front of you. The technology just wasn't there yet to make high-tech innovations like liquorfractors. Some great rookies in this group, and a Jimmy Dean Kaline.

I really know nothing about football cards, don't even know how to scan them all right-side-up. But I like vintage Post, and I had to get get a dozen cards for a dollar, so I snagged these thinking someone out there might want them.

I seem to have bipped myself in the dime boxes. Oh well, can't beat rookies like these for a dime. Just ask Chipper and Chipper and Chipper.

More random rookies and inserts. My favorite is the '72 Leader card, which I was surprised to see in the cheap boxes. And then we get to see UD's early '90s infatuation with hologram technology. Don't you ever wonder what happened to the promise of holograms? In the early '90s it looked like in a few short years we'd be watching hologram TV and playing hologram video games while sitting next to our hologram wife. And now we have 3D movies. That hardly makes up for the dream that was holographic life.

Well, I found the holy grail, a Babe Ruth Goudey in the dime box. Ha, like I fooled you for a second. It's a reprint, I think Dover, but a nice-looking reprint.

That's it for the super cheap cards. I'll get to the best stuff in the next post.

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  1. What would you have to have for the Steelers Post card and the 72 LL??