Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Luck of the Coot

I had a lucky month, winning two awesome contests. And winning these contests just blows me away, that I stumbled upon a community that's so generous and innovatively interactive, that has made me really love collecting again. I recently read an interview with a fiction writer I admire, and he talked about how he writes obsessively, in 10+ hour stints. He says he can do this, in part, because he has no hobbies. And I thought that sounded so sad. Sure, I could probably get more writing done without my hobbies, but collecting inspires me, gives me a chance to breathe, takes me back to the simple things I love. I'd like to think that my hobbies contribute toward making me the writer and the person I want to be.

Enough of that. On to showing off my goodies. I won my second contest this year over at Play at the Plate. He pulled a manu-patch from a 2011 Topps blaster, and whoever correctly guessed the patch won. I went with the patch I would want most, and that was the patch he pulled. Here it is in full glory:

I doubt there's a cooler patch out there, to me. You have Kaline and the old English D. The simple and seminal pairing of two of the Tigers' most iconic symbols. Everything I could ever want in a card is right here.

But Brian couldn't stop with one awesome patch. He also sent some packs, a pack of '92 Stadium Club and a pack of '91 Upper Deck, which really brought back memories. Didn't opening a '91 pack of Upper Deck just feel like the ultimate luxury?

And, man, in 1991 this would have been an awesome pack. I think the Bagwell booked for like $1000 in the early '90s. Plus, there's Bonds before everyone hated him, and an Aaron hologram. I've recently been snagging these Aaron holos out of dime boxes, but back in the day this was a serious hit.

Brian also included a pack of 2011 Topps Update:
For some reason, I can't get enough of this release. Must be all those liquor-fractors making me tipsy.

Finally, he tossed in some extra Tigers:
Lots of shiny going on here, and my first Jacob Turner card. These were all much-appreciated.
Thanks for the great loot, Brian. And if you bloggers and readers out there don't check by Play at the Plate often for all the great contests and writing, you're missing out.

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