Friday, December 30, 2011

Thy Trade Is Argyle

I just completed a trade with Plaschke, the Sweater is Argyle. He contacted me about some of my trade bait, and it began.

The Pudge Wal-Mart card was much-needed for the player collection, and two very cool Heritage Tigers. This is the first card I own of Kaline's that features him fielding. Very cool shot.

I don't buy much Ginter, but this Verlander card almost makes me wish I did. A perfect justification for the horizontal. And a cool Cabby card, with a Where's WalJoe background.

We swapped out some Farm Hands autos, a Dodger for a Tiger. Cale hails from the great Iorg dynasty. You know, Dane and Garth. Garth's most famous cardboard legacy being the top left corner of the 1978 Lou Whitaker rookie card. Cale is an interesting prospect. After a pretty solid college semester, he put baseball aside for a Mormon mission trip to Portugal. Now he's struggling a bit with the Mud Hens, but maybe he still has a chance to get a call up.

And here's the center of our trade. I'm always looking for Pudge GU cards, and this is my first Ginter GU of any kind. I have to say that these are pretty fantastic looking cards. I'm not a huge fan of Ginter but their GU cards are top-notch.

This was a great trade. I hope the first of many with Greg. Be sure to check out his very cool blog.


  1. Thanks for the swap! Definitely the first of many to come!

  2. Dude, if you have any Dodgers left, I featured some Tiger trade bait a couple days ago. I'd hate to have it just sit unwanted in my house.

  3. digging the kaline and cobb.
    i've been chasing that original series from the cobb reprint. now i see the reprints are nice stand ins until i can catch the real ones.