Friday, December 16, 2011

A Wicked Verlander Trade with the Don

I recently initiated a trade with Wicked over the newly and snazzily titled blog The Cardboard Don. I sent him a a Gaby Sanchez auto and some other cards, and he showed me why he's the Don.

He sent me a bunch of old-school minis:

These are just a few of them, but my favorites. I like the way Lou has his hat popped back all badass-like in the '86 Fleer card. I'm always happy to add some oddball Lous and Trammells to the collection.

More Tigery goodness in this slew of Topps Archives cards. I own a few of these originals, but many of them are too pricey for me to own the originals. This is such a cool set, and an unexpected bonus from Wicked.

Some more really sweet Tigers inserts here. I think this is the first red-bordered refractor I have from this year's Topps set.

Always glad to get another Boesch rookie, an X-fractor at that. If Boesch can stay healthy and settle down at the plate, he's going to have a really great season soon. And what can I say about that Cy Young, MVP-winning smile? His smile shows exactly how I felt about this trade. What could be better than a Verlander parallel?

Well, that could be a better. This was the impetus of the trade, and I'm so psyched about getting this card from Verlander's pre-facial hair days. This is from the 2004 UD National Pride set, and it's simply an awesome card. Wicked was very generous to trade it.

Another great trade. If you've somehow missed the chance to drool over Wicked's crazy trade bait, be sure to check it out.

I have to say that after getting a sketch of Coot Veal from Dayf and trading with the legendary Cardfather, this humble blogger feels like he's finally made it in the blogging world. I'm somebody! Johnson, Navin R.! Things are going to start happening.


  1. hey mentioned you like to add oddball trammel and whitaker. i have some stuff you might be interested in.
    whitaker and trammel - small pin
    whitaker and trammel - triple play medalists cards
    trammel - 84 don russ auto i got through mail
    trammel - 86 don russ jumbo all star card
    trammel - 95 don russ press proof numbered to 2000

    just shoot me an email if ur interested.

  2. Thank you for a great trade write up!!! Anytime you wanna trade just let me know, you know what i like!!