Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Card Show Vintage Through the Decades

Now that we've waded through the cheap boxes and had our fill, it's time to move on to the relatively higher-end cards. Relatively is the key word here. Most of this came out of dollar boxes, but with surprisingly good results.

Let's take a trip through the decades.

We'll start with 1951 Bowman. This is the best deal I've ever gotten on my favorite vintage sets: '50-'52 Bowman. For a buck, I'd pick up these puppies all day long. Here we have Tommy Byrne, who spent most of his 13 seasons with the Yankees and was an all-star. He holds the record for the most walks in an extra-inning game with 16 and once walked 7 Tigers in a row, so that makes me like him. The card is hardly flawed, which is rare for such bargain vintage.

This one was in this dollar box, too, and in just as great condition. Billy Johnson was also an all-star and had a halfway decent career. His pose is really cool in this card, and I like the way the pinstripes pop off the green stands. I'd be willing to trade these for some similarly vintage Tigers if anyone has them.

Next up, the 1960s. I love those Post cards, and who doesn't like Cash, especially when it's Stormin' Norman? I was kind of surprised, when trolling around Baseball Refernce, that he was only on the hall of fame ballot once.

Nothing goes with Cash quite like a 1974 Kaline. This came out of the same amazing dollar box as the Bowmans, one of those boxes where you just keep looking back at the rows to make sure they're really all a dollar.

This brings us to Night Owl's heralded year with a '75 mini of the Munster. Just a great card.

Now we hit those glorious '80s. As a young collector, I never thought I'd own this card, and as an older collector I never thought I'd own this card for a dollar. It's in great shape, too, except that Mattingly is missing his mustache. That must be why it was so cheap.

This isn't vintage, but it takes us to the end of our dollar journey with 2001. Another rookie card I've been going after for a while. The dealer had a couple of Reyes' Topps rookie cards for a buck, too, but I refrained. There was too much great stuff in here.


  1. Wow, those were some great buys for a buck a piece! How did Byrne not get yanked out of the game for walking 7 straight batters? Was the entire coaching staff napping in the dugout or did the rest of the pitching staff have a stomach flu?

  2. Wow, sweet pick ups! Love the Yanks. I need to pick up that Mattingly.

  3. some nice catches in there. i would jump on those kalines for a buck all day.
    my local card show is really changed with hardly any vintage dealers. :(