Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Work of Coot-Worthy Art

Dayf of Cardboard Junkie sent me a trade package with a bunch of great Cabreras, but I won't clutter up this post with those images. I mean, he sent great stuff, and I scanned it, and it's worthy of any trade post, but I just can't bring myself to inclue the pics. Sometimes a great work of art deserves to stand alone.

Dayf sketched this beauty for me. And it's a lovely interpretation of the first vintage card I ever owned, the reason why this blog is named as it is (you can read the origin tale here). I couldn't be more pysched to add this to my extensive Coot collection. 

But there's more. Like any proper baseball card, there's a back side.

Dayf opted to take artistic license and blow up the cartoon from the original back, which is everyone's favorite part of the back of a vintage Topps card. A beefy Coot accepts his giant trophy from the Monopoly guy for being elected to the '58 rookie all-start team. I really love this card back and this card all together.

If you want to learn about Dayf's process, check out his post on this Coot sketch.

Thanks, Dayf, for taking the time. This card is awesome and sits prominently now on my desk with my other favorite Coot card signed by the Coot and sent from the Son of Coot:

That's quite a pair of awesome Coot cards.

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