Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Sweet Slice of Bat

My best find at the card show was a card I'd been after for a long time. I bought it from the dealer who runs the show, and after a little haggling it was mine.

I've been working on getting a Sweet Lou Whitaker GU card, but eBay prices are outrageous if there are ever even any of his GU cards for sale. He's just one of those underrated legends for Tigers fans, who the card companies have kind of brushed over, but there seems to be a huge demand. I love Gibson and Trammell, but the beloved Whitaker just doesn't get the same kind of production as them, and that's a shame. Do you have a local underrated legend that you rarely find on modern cards and when they do show up the prices are crazy?

Here's the back of the card:
Despite how much I love this card, the design of this set is a bit drab. Just so much gray. I do like the career stat line on the back, and the write-up of his notable achievements. I'm not thrilled about him being compared to Joe Morgan, but, meh, whatever.

That does it for the card show recap. I did pick up some trade bait that I'll be posting soon with some other stuff. Gotta keep those trades going.


  1. Sweet Lou! The guy definitely suffers from a dearth of hits for being an absolute legend of a Tiger for so long.

  2. Not sure if you saw my post, but Whitaker does TTM for free. Thought you would be interested.

  3. That would look great with a Lou auto on the front if he does the TTM thing like William said.

  4. That's a great set for lesser represented players. I know I have a Tommy Holmes who played for the Boston Braves and I think a Wes Parker.

  5. I have a couple of cards from this set, including Greg Luzinski of the Phillies. It's a nice set.